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We offer bookkeeping and accounting services, along with comprehensive financial planning services, including budgeting, forecasting, and strategic advice to support your business growth and help you achieve long-term sustainability and success.

The cannabis industry faces unique challenges, including compliance with complex regulations, managing cash transactions due to banking restrictions, and tracking costs associated with cultivation and production.

Cannacctg specializes in cannabis-specific accounting, staying updated on all regulatory changes, and ensuring your business adheres to all legal requirements through meticulous record-keeping and compliance audits.

We recommend cannabis-specific accounting software that integrates with seed-to-sale tracking systems, such as QuickBooks with cannabis add-ons.

Cannacctg provides strategies for effective cash flow management, including proper cash handling procedures, cash flow forecasting, and advice on alternative banking solutions.

Cost accounting involves tracking and analyzing all costs associated with the cultivation and production of cannabis. It's crucial for understanding profitability, setting competitive prices, and making informed business decisions.

  1. We assist in setting up a fixed asset management system to track the acquisition, depreciation, and disposal of assets, ensuring accurate financial reporting and tax compliance.

Cannabis businesses face limitations under Section 280E of the IRS tax code. We help identify allowable deductions related to the cost of goods sold (COGS) and other strategies to legally minimize tax liabilities.

Regular financial audits and reviews, typically annually or bi-annually, are essential to ensure accuracy, compliance, and to identify any potential financial issues early.

Implementing a robust inventory management system that integrates with your accounting software is key. We provide guidance on maintaining accurate inventory records and complying with seed-to-sale tracking requirements.

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